Latest News | June 2021

It’s A Feature Feature!

Published: Jun 15, 2021 @ 4:45 PM

george eliotWe talk about lots of different topics here on the blog. We don’t usually take the opportunity to brag about ourselves but we are making an exception today. 

We launched an awesome and very helpful new feature to to support times when communities are in crisis. The news coverage often shows the horrible aftermath of floods, fires, earthquakes and the like but we all know that the best in humanity comes out during these moments. It’s neighbour supporting neighbour, it’s people taking care of each other. 

With this in mind we have renovated the volunteer profile on to include an option to opt into contact information being shared with a local organization in the case of an urgent community need. An important thing to mention: the choice is up to the volunteer. A volunteer will always have the power to determine what is shared and not shared with an organization in terms of their personal information. 

A cool thing has happened since we launched this - over 90% of people have opted in! Lots of people out there caring about their communities and willing to be called upon when something bad happens. No million dollar prize just doing the right thing. Something very heartwarming about that indeed.



Stories We Tell About Volunteerism

Published: Jun 9, 2021 @ 2:12 PM

Stories we tell.Let’s talk about the 2 sentences we hear A LOT when it comes to engaging people in volunteerism:

  1. We ALWAYS need volunteers 
  2. It’s ALWAYS the same people doing all the work.

These things are probably true at some time, for some organizations, probably also feels real for a lot more organizations for lots more time. Is it real though? Is it a fact? 

When was the last time somebody sat down and considered the work that needs to be done within the organization, how that work can be divided up and who should be doing that work? We are living in a time where everything can feel a little upside down, the ground is uneven. Maybe it’s also the time where there is also possibility and room to be curious? Maybe what made sense in 2019 doesn’t fit for 2022! Only you know what that looks like in your organization but let us know what you come up with! We’d love to share your stories! 

In terms of sentence 2 - this is another story we tell. Two reasons for this, whether we believe it or not we haven’t asked. Like truly asked, not just tried to convince someone we know to do it. Extending the reach of the organization past its regular network. The other reason is we have not thought about how the work could be made more flexible. There are tons of ways to do this- make it remote, change the deadlines, chunk up the role, recruit from outside your location.

VolunteerConnector recently posted an opportunity for a Content Advisor, after 8 days on the site we interviewed 2 cool humans and 1 was the right fit! This person couldn’t start until the summer so that’s what we will do. 

We would love to hear stories from your organization about how your curiosity and flexibility have led to an awesome volunteer engagement story. Let us know at



AGM 2021 - Thanks!

Published: Jun 3, 2021 @ 9:05 AM

Thanks for another fantastic year and the completion of our AGM this week. A special thanks to our guest speakers:

As well, we want to thank Minister Aheer for sending greetings and thanks to all the volunteers out there who dedicate their time to serving in their communities!

Of course a huge shout out to our board for making the AGM happen and continuing to serve all of us across so many communities.