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Who We Are

Serving community for over 65 years, we are a trusted charity providing digital volunteer engagement solutions across Canada.

Our story

  • We are a charity that has been on the forefront of community building for over 65 years. We are the Volunteer Centre of Calgary and have transformed into working with regional partners all across Canada. Our commitment to providing digital solutions for volunteer engagement comes from our understanding that volunteers need to be engaged in a way that is consistent with the rest of their online lives.

We put volunteers at the center 

  • This platform is free for volunteers to get connected to their favourite causes so they can use their skills. It has been designed by volunteers for volunteers with the support of a volunteer centre that has decades of experience. If you are every wondering why the platform works the way it does, a volunteer made that choice!

We care about community

  • It is important to us to democratize volunteer engagement. This means providing access to simple, affordable solutions for volunteer engagement to nonprofit and charitable organizations everywhere. Typically an organization uses either an excel spreadsheet or a complicated CRM to engage volunteers. In order to make the whole system of volunteering better we need everyone to have access to the same great tools and that is what the VolunteerConnector provides!