Find your team.


Basic Features

Everything you need to start building your team.

Recruit unlimited volunteers

You can post as many opportunities as you like, and there is no limit on how many volunteers you recruit.

Manage your volunteers

Once your volunteers start coming in, you'll be able to organize, filter and keep track of them.

Upload and Download your list

Start out by uploading your own volunteer list. Don't worry, you can download your entire list of volunteers anytime.

Volunteer Analytics

Your dashboard is your volunteering hub. How many people are actively volunteer? Look no further.

Get them up and running.


Advanced Features

Find the right volunteer every time with these tools.

Use Skills to find Volunteers

Add skills to your opportunity — and we will recommend it to matching volunteers.

Filter your Team Members

Quickly choose the right volunteer from your team based on their skills or location using our advanced filters.

Renew your Postings (NEW)

We added our most requested feature: easily set any posting to automatically renew and get it back on the home page.

Sort through Applications

Flooded with applications? Quickly see who has volunteered with you before — and if they match the skills you're looking for.

Build your Schedule

Create and manage schedules for the tasks that you need done. Define how many people you need, and even make the shifts repeat.

Offer Shifts to Volunteers

One click instantly shares those shifts with your approved volunteers. They will choose which dates and times work for their schedule.

Add custom links to your own application process
Download a list of team members for any set of shifts

Our Philosophy

Let's change the way volunteers get involved in community. Let's do that by creating software that closely aligns to technology available today. When you use the VolunteerConnector, you support volunteerism moving into the digital age!

How We Work

The VolunteerConnector is a charitable organization at the forefront of community building for over 65 years. The platform was designed and planned by people with decades of experience — both as volunteers and running non-profit organizations. Our mission? To provide access to simple, affordable solutions for volunteer engagement to grassroots, nonprofit and charitable groups everywhere.