Become a Virtual Volunteer Centre

Does your community need a space for organizations and volunteers to come together? Join over communities across Canada in utilizing this platform for keeping a pulse on volunteerism as a virtual volunteer centre. It is a free solution for people who care about thriving communities, organizations and residents.

Virtual Volunteer Centre ToolkitWhy become a Virtual Volunteer Centre?

  • Speak with confidence about volunteering in your community using our live data
  • Monitor volunteer opportunities, organizations and support volunteer engagement
  • Report on the value of volunteering using your community dashboard
  • Support volunteer trends and support more online volunteering (including online applications)
  • Democratize the volunteer experience by making it easier for everyone to organize volunteers, assign them roles and track their activities all online
  • Become part of shaping the digital future of volunteerism

Ready? Follow these steps:

1- Sign-up on the VolunteerConnector here.

2- Email to get access to your Community Dashboard.

3- Use your free Virtual Volunteer Centre Toolkit to launch in your community and connect with organizations and volunteers!

4- Need more? Set up a virtual coffee with us, we are real people. We care about you and your community.



Want to chat more? Not sure if this is you? 

All inquiries are welcome - if you can imagine it, contact us!

To learn more about joining us and how we can help you and your community contact us at