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Does your community need a space for organizations and volunteers to come together? Join over communities across Canada in utilizing this platform for keeping a pulse on volunteerism as a community leader. It is a free solution for people who care about thriving communities, organizations and residents.

Volunteers & Organizers

Hey Volunteers and Organizers, have you ever wished that it was possible to share volunteer opportunities in your corner of the internet? If so, you’re not alone — it’s regularly been one of our most requested features. Well, we are happy to announce that now you can install a simple Widget on your website or choose the more technical path of accessing our open API. Both will allow you to promote volunteer opportunities.

Simple widget . . . this is the version that meets most of us where we are at as it requires next to zero software development skills. It takes all of three minutes!

  • Create a search
  • Click the Embed button
  • Copy the code
  • Insert code into any webpage on your site

In the next few months the widget will be updated with many customization options. We will call it Widget V2 and post on the Blog.

Open API version . . . this is the version that requires you to find some support. The good news is developer's use it and it's quick!

  • Look at this page, it includes our API Documentation
  • Be confused
  • Send this link to your software developer
  • Send us any followup questions 
  • If required, our dev team can connect with your dev team
  • 7 minutes later everyone will have what they need

Whichever path makes sense for you and your community, let us know so we can offer any tips and tricks we learn from others like you!


Perhaps you want to or you already have taken a deep dive and you're looking for access to some expanded tools, consider becoming a virtual volunteer centre.

Virtual Volunteer Centre ToolkitWhy become a Virtual Volunteer Centre?

  • Speak with confidence about volunteering in your community using our live data
  • Monitor volunteer opportunities, organizations and support volunteer engagement
  • Report on the value of volunteering using your community dashboard
  • Support volunteer trends and support more online volunteering (including online applications)
  • Democratize the volunteer experience by making it easier for everyone to organize volunteers, assign them roles and track their activities all online
  • Become part of shaping the digital future of volunteerism

Ready? Follow these steps:

1- Sign-up on the VolunteerConnector here.
2- Email to get access to your Community Dashboard.
3- Use your free Virtual Volunteer Centre Toolkit to launch in your community and connect with organizations and volunteers!
4- Need more? Set up a virtual coffee with us, we are real people. We care about you and your community.



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