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Become A Research Partner

We do some really cool research into the way people want to volunteer and how organizations are engaging volunteers and compare the two. We do all of this through the engagement and analysis that happens on the VolunteerConnector.

Why Research With VolunteerConnector?

  • You want to create a specialized research project in your community
  • Access to rich insights that makes a difference for volunteers
  • We are experts in volunteering and the nonprofit sector
  • To improve your own practices and those in your community 
  • You want to contribute to volunteerism in Canada!

What we're looking for:

  • Ideally, we're looking for a long term partner who wants to dive into this fascinating subject matter. Maybe it's a company who wants to brand the research, or a university that wants a long term study in human behaviour? We are open for partnership and would love to hear your ideas.

We have a lot of data and we've done some pretty fun things with it here - Resources - but the truth is, it's not our strength. If you're looking to publish something about volunteering, we want to talk: info@volunteerconnector.org