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Out Of The Classroom And Into The Horse Paddock - Guest Blog

Published: Jun 23, 2021 @ 11:23 AM

Horse PaddockCovid brought some big changes to my life. As an elementary teacher with complicating medical issues, I made a decision to stay out of the classroom for a year and requested a leave of absence. Once granted, this leave opened up a lot of free time for me, some of which I knew I wanted to spend with kids, either outdoors or online, because I was now missing the kid interaction in my daily life. By chance, I came across the VolunteerConnector website and it has been a real gift.

This user-friendly website provides such easy access to a wide range of volunteer opportunities. I have found three different organizations to volunteer with, each one offering a different experience with children. Whether working with children in equine-assisted therapy, assisting with online family literacy classes, or online tutoring, I am very appreciative of the doors VolunteerConnector platform has opened for me. Not only do I get to volunteer with children, but I get to volunteer with horses as well! I hadn't even thought that such an opportunity existed! There is also a wide variety of online possibilities. Many organizations have had to move their programs online and have discovered the benefits to being online. Many people at home are also very ready to go online to maintain engagement with the world beyond their own four walls and to donate their time.  The VolunteerConnector platform enables these two groups to connect together.  Thanks to VolunteerConnector for doing a wonderful job at 'propelling us' above and beyond, especially during this time of Covid. 

Thank you,

Margaret Ardan