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It’s A Feature Feature!

Published: Jun 15, 2021 @ 4:45 PM

george eliotWe talk about lots of different topics here on the blog. We don’t usually take the opportunity to brag about ourselves but we are making an exception today. 

We launched an awesome and very helpful new feature to to support times when communities are in crisis. The news coverage often shows the horrible aftermath of floods, fires, earthquakes and the like but we all know that the best in humanity comes out during these moments. It’s neighbour supporting neighbour, it’s people taking care of each other. 

With this in mind we have renovated the volunteer profile on to include an option to opt into contact information being shared with a local organization in the case of an urgent community need. An important thing to mention: the choice is up to the volunteer. A volunteer will always have the power to determine what is shared and not shared with an organization in terms of their personal information. 

A cool thing has happened since we launched this - over 90% of people have opted in! Lots of people out there caring about their communities and willing to be called upon when something bad happens. No million dollar prize just doing the right thing. Something very heartwarming about that indeed.