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It All Began With a Cat!

Published: May 15, 2024 @ 12:00 PM

This week we welcome Gomathi Sridevi. Gomathi is an aspiring writer with a background in Journalism and a degree in Sociology. Her fascination with societal issues and a desire to articulate thoughts led her to pursue writing. Nurtured by a childhood habit of avidly reading newspapers, she found herself drawn to the world of storytelling. She is commited to exploring the depths of human experience and advocating for social justice as she continues to wield the power of words to inspire, inform, and empower others. 

The lingering fear from a childhood incident, a traumatic encounter with a dog while learning to ride a bicycle, had deeply influenced my relationship with animals. But, one unexpected event shook me out of my usual avoidance.  I was drawn in by a kitten's pitiful cries and decided to look into it. What awaited me was a heart-wrenching sight: a mother and father cat, visibly distressed, desperately attempting to reach their trapped kitten inside a water pipe. Despite my fear, I couldn't stand idly by while these animals suffered. The layout of our two-story house posed challenges in pinpointing the kitten's exact location within the water pipe. Driven by a sense of urgency, I attempted to dislodge the kitten by directing a stream of water into the pipe. However, my parents intervened, wisely cautioning against potential harm. My heart clenched as I listened to the kitten's plaintive cries echoing from within the pipe. I could feel its fear and isolation in the darkness, contrasting sharply with the comforting sounds of its parents' mewls outside, seeking to offer solace. With a professional plumber's assistance, we carefully dismantled the pipe, revealing the frightened kitten trapped in a corner. At that moment, as I reached out to comfort the trembling creature, something within me shifted. Despite my lifelong fear of animals, I felt an unexpected surge of connection. 

As I extended my index finger through the hole, my heart clenched at the sight of the trembling kitten, feeling its tiny paws grasp onto my finger tightly for comfort. I gently lifted it out and tenderly dried it with a cloth before reuniting it with its parents. A surge of emotion overwhelmed me when I caught the gaze of the larger cat as if it were expressing gratitude before turning away with its kitten. Whether it was my imagination or not, I sensed a silent acknowledgement in those expressive eyes.

The satisfaction I derived from aiding this tiny being ignited a desire within me to extend my assistance to others in need. It wasn't merely about helping animals find their way back home; it was about offering solace and support to any living being that had lost its path. With a heart now open to the possibility of making a difference, I embarked on a journey of compassion, seeking out opportunities to lend a helping hand wherever it was needed. Whether it was comforting a frightened animal, offering aid to a struggling neighbour, or championing causes dear to my heart, I found fulfilment in acts of kindness, both big and small. In the simple act of rescuing a kitten, I discovered a profound truth: that the greatest reward lies not in receiving, but in giving. As I continued on this path of compassion, my heart beat with a newfound sense of purpose, guiding me toward a life filled with empathy, understanding, and boundless love for all living beings.