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Creativity for a Cause

Published: Apr 3, 2024 @ 12:00 PM

This week we welcome guest writer Pallavi Paul. Pallavi moved to Vancouver to complete an MBA and now calls it home. She has an intense interest in digital marketing and creating content. When not pursuing that interest, she can be found hiking, swimming, dancing and exploring the outdoors. 

I've always wanted to help those who require direction and inspiration to live their lives and see the bright side of any situation. In my previous role as a volunteer in social media marketing at Low Entropy, I had the chance to use my creative side to enhance online platforms while also bringing attention to mental health issues. I was a student at that time when I joined Low entropy so my focus was more on studies and working in a volunteering organization where I would learn to hone my marketing skills in social media platforms.

As this was my first-time volunteering, I realized how crucial it is to address certain issues in a community and work on it for a greater purpose.

 A few points I would like to highlight in my volunteer journey, even though it was a short one, I cherished the learnings I have acquired from it.

1.      Confidence: I gained a lot of confidence in working independently. It’s an essential skill that will help me in a work environment as I don’t have to rely on someone to give me the instructions. It takes time to develop confidence and volunteering is a great place to start with.

2.      Time management: I was always attentive to my time management skill and juggling between studies, part time work and volunteering helped me to stay focused. My ability to be organized and productive at work also helped.

3.      Attentive to audience needs: The best part that happened to me is I became more aware of the audience while writing content or posting in social media. It’s a great way to showcase my creativity and think from people’s perspective instead of focusing on myself.