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Dear Elected Officials, It is 2024!

Published: Jan 3, 2024 @ 6:00 PM

Happy 2024! We made it! From us to you, we wish you all the best in the coming year. We wanted to kick our year off here at VolunteerConnector with a note to the humans who serve in government. This blog was inspired by the awesome team at Volunteer Ottawa. You can check their posts here.

So yes, the first blog of 2024 goes out the people who make up the 338 Members of Parliament, the 751 people serving as elected officials in provincial and territorial legislatures and the thousands more who hold positions of mayor, councillors in municipalities and regions across the country. Thanks for your service and energy as you look forward to the next year, we have some thoughts;

Volunteerism contributes to thriving communities and creating places where people feel like they belong. Not going to say that is priceless but it is certainly worth far more than 56 billion dollars, not that our brains can even understand that number. Think about all the interactions everyone in your community has every day with space and places that would not exist without volunteers.

Connect with the societies, non-profits, charities and grassroots humans in your areas. Learn about them, provide connection, funding and most importantly gratitude for their vital work. 

Use your platform to talk about volunteering, civic engagement, mutual aid. It all matters, it all counts. 

Make it easy for people to find volunteer opportunities in your area. That can be a link to your local volunteer centre/capacity builder, your own featured suggestion list or of course VolunteerConnector

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