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Reason, Season or Life?

Published: Jan 18, 2024 @ 12:00 PM

In our part of the country, we have just come out of an arctic chill, a whack of snow and what has felt like months of grey cloudy skies. The sun and blue sky have reappeared and thus it is feeling more like a time to set new goals and intentions than that post-holiday haze. If becoming more engaged in your community or meeting new people or trying out something new is on your list for 2024 then we would invite you to have a peruse here on VolunteerConnector. With a couple things to keep in mind…

Volunteering is all on your own terms. You get to decide when, where, what and for how long! It can sometimes feel like you need to commit to something for a lifetime and let this be your permission to commit for a reason or season! Volunteering for a reason can be wanting to practice a specific skill, meet some new people, deepen relationships, share a skill set that you have or feel good about the energy you are putting out. A season of volunteering is acknowledging the realities of ebb and flow in everyone’s life. It might be you have one free weekend in the next 6 months or that summer is a time where you have less on your job plate, so you have more capacity. All the choices are ok! Depending on where life is for you engaging with an organization might not be for you this year, that is ok too. You can still get all the wonderful brain chemicals from volunteering by being mindful of your community. Pick up an extra loaf of bread and drop it off in your community pantry, take someone else’s kids for an hour, shovel a neighbour’s walk, check in on someone you love, take notice of something that would make your community better and do it!