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Finding A Passion

Published: Sep 21, 2023 @ 1:26 PM

We are pleased to welcome guest blog writer Kauveri. Kauveri Buddepu is an Internationally trained dentist from Visakhapatnam, South India in the process of becoming a licensed dentist in Canada. She found her love for writing in middle school in Visakhapatnam, India and fully realized her passion for writing through volunteering after arriving in Canada. 

Finding A Passion

It was the month of November and I had been in Canada for a few months now. As a newcomer to Calgary, I was curious to engage with the community of Calgary through Volunteering. I stumbled upon one of the student boards at Bow Valley College about a volunteering opportunity for Remembrance Day to write letters to the Veterans in Canada. I was delighted to be accepted to the event at Murdoch Manor, a retirement home in Calgary. 

What made me feel so special about this volunteering activity? I found my love for writing for the first time in Canada. I was able to connect with a few veterans whom I never met. As a recent immigrant, I was able to express my thoughts and gratitude for their contributions to the country. All this magic happened through a simple act of writing letters! Isn’t that beautiful? 

Inter-generational Interaction: Writing letters with the seniors to the Veterans in Canada enabled me to bridge the gap between the veteran community and the senior community at the retirement home through the beauty of words. Words have the power to express one’s emotions and feelings. Not to mention, they have the power to heal! 

Volunteering to build communities: The thoughts in my little brain flow through the ink of my beautiful blue Gel pen to gracefully reach the reader’s mind. We all are interconnected in this Universe. Readers may or may not agree with what they just read. However, I relate to the reader right now through the beauty of words in this unique moment. Thank you for allowing me to connect, reflect and share my perspectives on writing. We are together in this moment right now. Is that how you feel as well? 

The beauty of writing through Volunteering: It is not about perfection. It is about having the heart and mind to express one’s feelings and to remind the receiver (the reader) that there’s someone out there thinking of them (the veteran through the letters and the reader reading this blog post right now). 

Global Citizen and Volunteering: The inspiration and passion to volunteer through writing have now enabled me to write letters to children in Uganda through a Pen Pal Project. Isn’t that fascinating? 

In this digital era, I encourage everyone to write letters and share their thoughts with their loved ones. 

I am excited to meet you in the world of writing!