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Things that are making us keep thinking

Published: Dec 6, 2023 @ 6:00 PM

We love sharing resources and activities that are interesting and helpful to humans engaged in their communities. We have come across a couple in the past month that have shifted our thinking. 

Selkirk College, Capilano University and Vancouver Community College have come together with several community organization in British Columbia to produce Courageous Dialogues: Navigating Polarization. This guide offers a plethora (we do not use that word lightly) of resources for the individual, community and leader to navigate this complex social issue. We love that they have included a lens of time investment to let the reader opt in based on their time so check this out if you are ready for a toe dip or a deep dive. 

We love this work so much we have included it permanently on our Get Support and Learn page. but it is certainly worth sharing here again. Ontario Nonprofit Network have been doing a ton of work around decent work. There are checklists, case studies, publications, reports and toolkits. They take a brilliant intersectional lens. Decent Work is…Needed. Not Difficult. Happening.

Volunteer Alberta is running a webinar on as part of their Equity and Inclusion in Volunteer Screening Series. On January 16, 2024 you can join Yvonne Chenier from IntegralOrg on learning about the protective legislation that protects volunteers.