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Cupcakes Challenge

Published: Dec 20, 2023 @ 12:00 PM

This week’s guest blog is from Wati Z

“Sometimes, you just need to ask, and let's see from there what door you might open.” This is a direct quote from one of My friends who is probably a champion of volunteer work, she would help with a lot of School volunteering work such as fundraising committees of any kind; she is an active member of the PTA; she does a lot of carpooling driving for struggling parents. So, when she comes to me and asks me to help, I try my best not to disappoint her in any way possible. 

That is when the cupcakes challenge came to me and several more challenges such as sending to school foods from the country of origin for International Day or helping in the afternoon fun for kids where the school rents a lot of kids’ games from bouncy castle, basketball hoop, and many more games just after Covid 19 ease off. This time she is fundraising money to buy children's books. The destination will be decided by grades five and six during their library reading time and the theme is “International World Literacy.” 

This cupcake volunteering to provide ten yummy cupcakes was a fun challenge for me because instead of ten I challenged myself to make 100 cupcakes for a good cause. I love to cook in general and sometimes, I would invite many friends over to my house to have lunch together, so that was why they know that I do have a good recipe for cupcakes. I made all 100 cupcakes that evening before, and on the following day, I had to deliver them to school at 11 a.m., I prepared all the boxes and iced them one by one. As I never made that many cupcakes, it took longer to ice them than it should. 

I remember, those cupcakes were all gone less than 15 minutes started from the recess bell rang. Big and small kids bought almost all those treats from cupcakes, cookies, cakes, popcorn, veggies cut, and so on. Kids are so open to the idea of giving and lending a helping hand to others. 

As I challenged myself, I believe those kids also do the very same things. Eager to contribute and to help. This simple act rewards you with satisfaction and truly makes you feel good to give.