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Let them eat pie

Published: Oct 11, 2023 @ 12:00 PM

One of our favourite topics is volunteer recognition. How to make sure the humans who are giving one of the most valuable resources (time) feel seen and valued? There are lots of great stories out there. So many organizations that have found a way of acknowledging the people aligned with their causes in a way that matters! Since it is the season for Fall Fairs, it seems apt to share one such example. For those unfamiliar Agricultural Fairs, they take an enormous amount of work, from the exhibitors to the entries to all the 4-H kids and their animals. It is the sort of the event that the planning for the next one starts the week after this year’s event ends. There are a lot of people who make these events happen and not just on the 2-4 days of the event itself, there is set up and takedown. The end tends to be especially onerous as everyone is fatigued from the weeks leading up. So how does one ensure that you have enough helpful hands show up at the end? You offer for lunch a collection of the prize-winning pies of course. There is something deeper than a pie dish at work in this approach that should be acknowledged. It is giving people the chance to gather and spend time in community with each other. It provides the opportunity for connection that so many people are seeking. If you want to chat more about honouring the time that people give to a cause send us an email.