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Looking For Event Volunteers?

Published: Sep 12, 2022 @ 1:04 PM

This fall, many of you are looking for event volunteers. We are in a similar position. Here in Alberta the AGLC runs opportunities for volunteers to run a casino and the nonprofit group receives a portion toward their organization. Many charities, school parent councils, sports orgs and more participate in this fundraising effort. No surprise, it requires volunteers to ensure a successful event!

You can view our posting here:

Once your posting is live . . . here is a quick look behind the scenes of how your new and current volunteers will be organized:

First Roles will be created

Next Assign those Roles to your volunteers as new ones apply or to existing volunteers who are opting into this event

Be sure to check out the full list at a glance of all the Roles filled and those yet to be connected with

Second create a Schedule if your event has shifts as our does

From there offer shifts in the Schedule to those who have applied but not yet picked there time 


From there, watch your event fill up and be sure to share on your social media platforms so the people who are most interested in your cause will see yet another way to support it!

As always, if you need additional support with any of this we are just a quick email away: info@volunteerconnector.,org