Latest News | August 2022

Volunteer With A New Community

Published: Aug 30, 2022 @ 2:44 PM

We have been very excited to welcome some international/national events to VolunteerConnector recently (shout out to World Dodgeball Federation)

It made us think about two things:

For Organizations - it is easy to recruit from anywhere for anywhere, most important thing to remember is the power of the postal code! When you create a posting, scroll down to the section entitled 'Activity Location' if you need humans to be in a physical location this is where you want to put that location's postal code. So if you are in the comfort of your home in 'B2R 1A3' but you are hosting the Shanty Festival in 'V8K 1G8'. All you need to do is make sure that postal code section is filled out with the location of the event. 

For Volunteers - it is a weird summer, feels like people are prioritizing rest and respite over their normal commitments which is great, it is how it should be. Perhaps you have been a regular rodeo volunteer in your town but this year you are taking a break. Maybe choose a destination based on an event somewhere in Canada ... volunteer for a morning and then explore for the rest of the long weekend. Labour Day weekend is coming up, so many things going on around the country and most of those things rely on volunteers! Use volunteerism as a reason to go explore somewhere you have never been before. 



Volunteerism In The News

Published: Aug 23, 2022 @ 11:36 AM

newspaper icon on orange backgroundWell it is mid August which means hopefully you have exhaled or have a break on the horizon. This is a feature we do every so often called volunteerism in the news! So much volunteerism happens every day, it is fun to be reminded of the varied and unique opportunities that are out there. 

Volunteers on the West Coast are donning hip waders to fend off invasive species:

Volunteerism intersects with technology to save lives in the GTA:

We were in a meeting this week and were reminded of all the volunteers and hours supporting people from Ukraine coming to Canada:

Where ever you are at there is certainly a space for you to find belonging in volunteerism!