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Ready? Set? Go! Ahem. Go! Umm… Go? - Guest Blog (2 of 3)

Published: Jun 29, 2022 @ 10:01 AM

Following on from last week's Guest Blog - Part 1 of 3, here is the continuation in Part 2 of 3 ... 


Step 1 - Continued

How much time can you commit? Are you interested in a longer-term or ongoing role or are you better suited to episodic (one-off) roles, such as events?

How this helps: You must be able to fully commit to the role. It’s important to be honest here. Choosing a role that you will struggle to honour will make you feel bad, and likely result in you leaving before you’ve completed your tasks and believe me, will do no favours for the organization and the people who are relying on you. Set yourself up for success by being realistic. You can always add more time or change roles if you find you’re able to commit more later.

Think about logistics – will you drive to your shift or take public transit? Is it important to be home before dark? If you’re volunteering virtually, do you have the necessary tech requirements to do so (adequate Wi-Fi, for example)? Are there any costs associated with volunteering that you’re expected to cover (for example, parking)?

How this helps: Quite simply, knowing this information can immediately narrow down your search. If you’re not willing or able to travel, then looking at volunteer opportunities for an organization across the city doesn’t make sense.

Why do you want to volunteer? Are you looking for career or resume experience? Perhaps you’re looking to make new friends or are really jazzed about the perks (free t-shirt, backstage access, etc.)? Maybe it’s mandatory (for a school or work program).

How this helps: Knowing your motivation to volunteer is one of the most important considerations because this allows you to match your expectations with reality and can help you to measure if you’ve been successful in your role. For example, you may be looking for a leadership role for career development and think a role on the Board of Directors would be perfect. However, you cannot make the 2-year commitment and might have to find a leadership role that’s more compatible with your availability, such as a committee volunteer. Even if you feel you’ve been voluntold, you can still think about what you hope to gain by doing so – because there are many benefits to volunteering!

Amanda Sokol from

Part 2 of 3 ... to be continued ...