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If I Don't Do It, Who Else Will?

Published: May 18, 2022 @ 2:15 PM

the galaxy of starsThis was overheard in a coffee shop recently, someone lamenting their position of treasurer on a board of an organization. It is a reality of volunteerism, we all get tired, burnt out and we stay out of obligation or guilt or whatever we tell ourselves. We stay out of a feeling that it might all fall apart if it were not for us. 

If you are considering signing on for another term for a board but it is not because you are super jazzed about what they are doing in this world maybe take this as a sign that it is ok not to. You can say no. Your fellow board members might be sad, they might miss you but everyone will ok, the organization will be ok. Someone else will find the space there and take on the work you were doing in their own way.

Life shifts for all of us, many us will have 12 different volunteer experiences in our lifetimes. You can take some space and time, when you are rested and ready there are tons of opportunities out there on Maybe in a couple years you might be overheard at a coffee shop sharing the awesome work the organization is doing! Until then; take a break!