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Countdown Is On!

Published: Apr 12, 2022 @ 9:55 AM

We are officially two weeks out from Canadian National Volunteer Week, how exciting! If you are in full swing of planning, hooray - no doubt your thank you soiree will be epic no matter what form it is taking!

If you read 'two weeks' and panicked do not worry at all, Volunteer Canada has an awesome collection of resources (Volunteer Week Resources) to get you started. Additionally, the research says it over and over again - volunteers just want to be thanked with acknowledgment of the impact of their work - handwritten card, email, text, WhatsApp message...maybe include a fun gif to kick it up a notch! 

An important note that we all sometimes forget, boards are made up of volunteers ... so if you spend some of your time in those spaces make sure you figure out a way to acknowledge each other and work you all do. Order pizza for your next meeting, get matching sweatshirts or take a moment at the start of your next meeting to say what you appreciate about the perspective the person next to you brings.