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A Herculean Task In 16 Days

Published: Mar 30, 2022 @ 2:54 PM

rain drops on a puddleWe love to see volunteerism make the news!

Take this coverage from the BBC News - Science & Environment which gives another example of the power of people when they rally around a cause. A project that was going to take a long, long time was done in just 16 days and even involved the King of England. It started as most project do, with a call for help. This one was from the UK Met Office, they had a need to take the 65,000 handwritten rainfall documents in their archives to be translated from the script of old to numbers that could be analyzed at scale. Within weeks the Rainfall Rescue was formed and thousands of volunteers from their pandemic lockdown homes got it done! The United Kingdom now has a much stronger data set and understanding of historical extremes which will help them predict future rainfall weather events.

Oh and the King? There was 10 years of data (1900-1909) from Sandringham House, so that is kind of fun?