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Things That Make Us Happy

Published: Jul 27, 2021 @ 12:05 PM

We regularly review the platform to make sure it is working for organizations, volunteers and for general operational integrity. We see all types of opportunities on the platform, every single one of them gets views which is helpful. There have been some in the past couple years that have stuck out- an airplane restorationist and a big data buff were cool and unusual. It is a good place to peruse if you are looking for inspiration for what is possible for your own organization. There are two posts that have caught our attention this week for two totally different reasons. 

The first one is from the Foolish Operations Society. Love, love, love that they have taken an anti-ableist stance by including this line "Accessibility note : The pathway to the performance site is a 4-5 minutes' walk. The ground is uneven. This position is difficult of access for individuals using wheelchairs." It will bode very well for our communities when we begin to consider the ways in which lots of people move through the world. A good lesson for us all in the information that can be included in opportunities to make them considerate.  

The next one is from Fixt Point Arts. First off who does not want to be part of an Empathy Squad?! Seems great! What really lands with this opportunity is the strong balance of skill development and community connection. It is an opportunity that is just as much about picking up podcasting skills as it is about the work of collecting oral stories. Plus, "amplifying of voices, centering of overlooked stories, and celebrating unsung heroes" is work that really matters.