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Virtual Volunteer Centres

Published: Apr 13, 2021 @ 9:49 AM

Great news!!! We are very proud to introduce Virtual Volunteer Centres! These are designed for communities across the country that do not have a physical centre for volunteer engagement but see the benefits of democratizing the volunteer experience. This is a free solution for people who are about thriving communities, organizations, and citizens.

Perhaps you are the mayor, reeve, or council person in your town, or you are the person who plans special events, or you are just the person who knows what is going on! We have created a toolkit to help your community benefit from the connector. 

As a Virtual Volunteer Centre your community will have access to live data about volunteerism in your community, be able to report on the value of volunteerism, shape the future of digital volunteerism and best of all make the experience of organizing volunteers a pleasurable and supported one! 

If you are wondering if this is you or you know for sure and you want to get started, just get in touch!