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Bringing Happiness - Guest Blog

Published: Oct 19, 2021 @ 2:12 PM

anime pianoI remember that was a celebration for Chinese New Year, people gathered at an activity center. I firstly wanted to just celebrate with them, and enjoy the festival, but some of my friends know that I can play the piano, and invited me to play some music for the party. 

Initially I was quite nervous cuz I didn’t practice during that period, and I was suddenly invited to play the piano for them. I actually was only a beginner to play it. I thought that would be a disaster for me, but somehow I am quite excited. Maybe that was because I really wanna share what music I like to others. I wanted to be focused on. 

Then, I started playing the piano. The music was from some of my favorite anime songs and soundtrack. I learned the piano version from piano tutorial videos on YouTube. That was the best I could play. During the performance, a lot of mistakes were made, but I tried not to make more. 

The good thing was, people in there didn’t know anything about anime, so slight mistakes was not noticed at all. Some elders quite enjoyed the music, kids stopped playing toys, and everyone looked at me. I suddenly realized, it doesn’t matter if my performance is perfect, the true valuable thing should be the happiness I brought. 

Gradually, I started to made fewer mistakes, till the finale, I forgot what to play, but I quickly came up with another one. I just followed the feeling I had when I moved my fingers and touched the keyboard. It was like the piano it self was alive and led my performance. 

I heard about some ideas of the nature of music, which might be the language made by the intelligence in higher dimensions in this universe. No matter if that is true, my performance and joy was conveyed. 

This is the story of one of my volunteering, which came all of a sudden, but valuable because bringing joy and happiness to the community is also what I want. 

Thank you,

Yilin Ge