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Two Months - Four Numbers

Published: May 12, 2020 @ 5:02 PM

Two months have gone by and seems at this point that most people are kind of “done”. Making sourdough was fun in the beginning but now we are craving the normalcy of random grocery runs, gathering with neighbours, hugging family . . . all the things that made us feel like humans. In a short period of time Canadians learned a whole bunch of new behaviours, leaders appear on our televisions and radios every day and share with us the results of our new normal. But, something has stayed the same since the onset of Covid-19 though, people want to show up for other humans. Here are some things that should lighten our hearts and minds . . .


Views for five of the most popular opportunities.


The number of humans who have applied to organizations who have enabled the online application feature on the VolunteerConnector.

6 Days 

The length of time it took for a community organizer to join the Connector, create a profile, post an opportunity and recruit 127 volunteers.  

57 Minutes

The time it took for a person to search the Connector, find an opportunity, apply and start volunteering!   


Things are hard for lots of people right now but the world of humans helping other humans is looking pretty bright!