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Volunteer Interest during COVID-19

Published: Apr 1, 2020 @ 12:00 PM

Highlights of the changes we've seen in the last few weeks include:

  • Interest has increased overall (attached graph) with the largest areas of growth:
  • 65+ group had the largest increase (157% higher) of new volunteers searching
  • Age 25-34 remains the largest group of existing volunteers looking to serve
  • Males increased by 5% (a major shift from our monitoring in the last year)
  • Volunteer Alberta accounted for 13% of referral traffic

**Organizations should think about tailoring the message and opportunity to match new interest as it is important in meeting that interest.


Some key observations we've made regarding these changes are: 

  • Interest in volunteering is exceeding pre COVID-19
    • This shows the level of care and compassion we have for our communities, we all want to help
  • Individuals are still looking for regular opportunities to volunteer 
    • Tailor your message for new volunteer interest
    • This is important as prior to AGMs there still is a requirement for new board positions
    • Typical volunteering roles still need filling like translation support
  • We need organizations to adapt their positions to virtual volunteering
    • Organizations may need more support from capacity builders in adapting resources to virtual work for staff
    • Organizational infrastructure support for virtual work with staff needs to extend in the same way to volunteers
    • ONN/Imagine Canada have a webinar series beginning on April 2