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P.A.L.S.- Project Adult Literacy Society

The mission of P.A.L.S. - Project Adult Literacy Society is "Changing Lives Through Literacy."

P.A.L.S. is a community-based literacy program that addresses the learning needs of adults with low literacy skills. Literacy is having the skills to use printed material in daily living. One in three adults in Edmonton has low-level reading and writing skills. This means that they cannot write a resume or fill in a job application. They can’t read letters from school, the government or their doctors. They can’t read or understand instructions on a medical bottle for their child or themselves. Low level literacy skills impact their lives in a negative manner on every level.
Math literacy is using math in daily living. One in two adults in Edmonton has low-level math skills.Many of our math students are preparing for entrance into a job training program and/or an apprenticeship. Improving their math skills can help them pass an entrance exam and get them on a path to educational opportunities and better employment. Approximately 30 students a year from P.A.L.S. pass the apprenticeship entrance exam.

How the Programs Work:

P.A.L.S. match students one to one with a tutor who will help them learn to read or write or do math.

P.A.L.S. also offers English classes in conversation and literacy. 40% of our students are LELL (Literacy for English Language Learners). Most of them are established immigrants who are working to improve their literacy skills. This helps them become more active contributors to the Canadian economy. For all our students every academic level they master can give them up to 10% in increased income and an unmeasurable increase in self-confidence and pride.

There is no cost to the student and lessons are set up so they fit into the student’s life.

Our volunteer tutors are people who enjoy reading or math and want to share that enjoyment with some one else. Volunteers from the community are mentors and leaders in the P.A.L.S.’ programs. Volunteers work with the adult students to meet their goals and set the direction for the programs. Volunteers are crucial partners in achieving the outcomes - the changes in the lives of the students.

Our support for both our students and our tutors helps our students in realizing their learning, employment, and life goals.

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