Vancouver Visual Art Foundation

570 Granville Street Vancouver BC V6C 3P1

VANCOUVER VISUAL ART FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that seeks to build relationships between artists and their audiences by giving them a platform to share, learn and connect.

Like everything great in the world, Art Vancouver started as an idea and embarked on an important journey to strengthen Vancouver as a thriving hub for global and local art. Since 2015, we have successfully hosted Western Canada’s largest contemporary art fair and continue to champion the fusion of global cultures and creativity.

Eventually, this simple idea with its small team grew into the Vancouver Visual Art Foundation, a non-profit incorporation which aspires to establish Vancouver as a top destination for artists to come together. VVAF is dedicated to promoting dissemination of all forms of art and creating a safe space for artists and audiences to interact through events like Art Vancouver.

Our values: community, diversity & creativity


We connect, inspire and educate local and international visual arts communities.


Our vision is to create a premiere destination and event that brings global awareness to the visual arts. By hosting local and international attendees and planning several events in addition to the art show, such as art classes and panel discussions, we will cultivate a positive and supportive environment that encourages artists and the public to express themselves unconditionally.

One of VVAF’s long term goals has always been to provide artists with a platform for self-expression and success. With each thrillingly diverse exhibition, VVAF exposes attendees to work that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also thought-provoking and unconventional.

Art is a crucial component to ensure the prosperity of our communities: it creates culture and inspires discussion. Art is a way of life that exercises one’s imagination and creates exciting opportunities In that vein, Art Vancouver is a vessel carrying the promise of something greater than all of us. Most importantly, art is not complacent, and neither are we.

As such, we want to push boundaries by encouraging artists from every continent to join audiences at Vancouver Art Week. The purpose of this week is to expand arts culture in Vancouver by transforming it into a global art destination. Vancouver Art Week will have different organizations simultaneously host their art events, providing an experience that is specifically designed to connect thousands of creatives in one space.

Because art is a universal language, we plan to exhibit at international art shows as an organization while also growing our partnerships with local galleries, museums, schools, and public art organizations.

Current Volunteer Opportunities