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Director, Technology

2-4 hours / weekly
We are a cities research and innovation nonprofit preparing neighbourhoods for the future. We inform the public, inspire action, and act as catalysts for creating collaborative solutions that guide cities through a rapidly urbanizing world.

We envision cities as vibrant inclusive spaces where engaged residents are informed and inspired to build smart urban solutions. These cities enable residents to contribute to the social fabric of their communities and foster opportunities, belonging and happiness. 

Our approach to neighbourhood change is rooted in technology. We have developed 3 digital tools in partnership with the University of Alberta. We have built and maintain a search engine (similar to Google), a digital learning guides platform (similar to Coursera), and Creative Community Lab (similar to Indeed). 

Duties & Responsibilities
Lead the technical implementation and maintenance of our website and digital products through the support of our team of developers. Each of our digital products have a front-end for the users and a backend that allows our teams to upload content for each product. 

In addition to leading the technical implementation and maintenance, your responsibility includes providing the Board with advice supporting strategic planning and annual product priorities. You will also be responsible for being a mentor to our team of developers. 

Graduated or enrolled in a University degree or College diploma or certificate program
Have 8 years of experience developing software
2 years of experience leading teams
Concrete experience defining product roadmaps and building collaboratively with development team
Be willing to develop software if team capacity is reduced
Willing to be a mentor, supporting the technical growth of our team
Effective oral and written communication skills
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Ability to work independently and as part of a team
Strong organizational skills and an ability to keep on top of workload
Able to commit to one year with the organization
Sound computer skills including operating Google Suite
Strong interpersonal skills 

Application Process
Please submit your resume and cover letter to talent@imaginecities.com.
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule