Alberta Animal Rescue Crew (Edmonton)

NA Edmonton AB T5J 0T0

In Alberta, thousands of cats and dogs are homeless, abandoned, abused or living in horrendous conditions. We work closely with rural and First Nations communities where there is limited to no animal services.

In 2017 alone, AARCS saw over 3,000 cats and dogs through our programs. We cared for them by providing medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccinating and then found their forever families. In an addition AARCS’ also has assistance programs such as Spay/Neuter, TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) for Cats and Emergency Medical Assistance.

Since being founded in 2006, we have come a long way! We have recently moved into our new facility with an in-house veterinary hospital located in SE Calgary. We have also expanded our operations to Edmonton!