Apathy is Boring

Suite #609, 10080 Jasper Ave Edmonton AB T5J 1V9

Apathy is Boring - Who we are

Apathy is Boring was founded in 2004, when a choreographer, a filmmaker, and a fashion photographer met at a party. Troubled by how few of their friends were actively participating in Canada's democracy, they started a campaign to mobilize youth to vote during the 2004 federal election. 13 years later, Apathy is Boring works year round and uses creative methods to empower our peers to be civically engaged in all aspects of democratic life.

Our Mission: Apathy is Boring is a non-partisan, charitable organization that supports and educates youth to be active and contributing citizens in Canada’s democracy.

Our vision
A Canada where every young Canadian is an active citizen, and youth are meaningfully engaged in all aspects of the democratic process.

Our Philosophy
YOUTH AS DECISION-MAKERS We believe that creating spaces for dialogue and decision-making opportunities for youth are critical to youth engagement in democracy.

IMPACT We believe in solving the problem of declining youth engagement in democracy, not just raising awareness about it. We make sure our work has impact.

REACHING THE UNENGAGED We believe in doing the hard work to reach and activate unengaged youth.

INTERGENERATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS We believe in the importance and value of intergenerational partnerships.

LOW-RISK ENTRY POINTS We believe in going to where young people are and not expecting young people to come to us, and that sometimes taking the first step towards civic engagement is the most important one.

PROVIDING CHOICES AND INFORMATION We believe in providing information in an accessible way to educate and inform young people. We don’t believe in preaching.