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Home Care supports wellness and independence. The goal is to help clients remain safe and independent in their own homes or care settings for as long as possible. Alberta's Home Care program supports Albertans of all ages and includes services such as health promotion and teaching, treatments, care at end of life, rehabilitation, home support and maintenance, assistance to maintain social connections, and support for caregivers.

Volunteer Resources in Home Care exists to decrease the social isolation of clients in order to increase their quality of life. We strive to provide an enriching experience for volunteers while assisting clients in maintaining independence and continuing to live in the community. Volunteer positions are available for volunteers who generally have daytime availability Monday to Friday.

Community Visitors are matched one-on-one with a client to provide companionship through shared activities in the client's home (conversation, crafting, playing cards, etc).
Community Visitors who are registered as drivers can take their client to the local coffee shop, mall, or community event.
Medical Drivers are responsible for door through door transportation to and from medical appointments and may meet many different clients rather than being in a one-on-one match.