Alberta Society of Artists

#302 - 1235 26th Avenue SE Crossroads Art Centre Calgary AB T2G 1R7

Our Mandate

It is the Alberta Society of Artists’ (ASA) mandate to foster and promote the visual arts in Alberta, to endorse the recognition of Alberta artists throughout our province, Canada and abroad. ASA is dedicated to acting as a collective voice on issues pertaining to provincial, cultural affairs, and further, to contribute to the well being of the artistic community it serves.

Stimulating growth, inspiration and passion for excellence in Alberta visual arts is our vision statement. The ASA wants to have a valued role as a guide to support public engagement in artistic programs; this in turn results in an increased contribution to the education and development of the arts community as a whole. Through exhibitions and education programs, we wish to increase public awareness and appreciation of the visual arts in Alberta.

The Society is a Non-profit, Registered Charity that works with many organizations and cultural groups to provide enhanced support for existing programs in education and exhibition. Members of the Society are juried in by their peers, thereby providing professional recognition to the province’s artist community. At the same time, there is a membership category for Supporting members who may participate in many of the events/programs of the Society, some of whom go on to become Full members. Many of our members have been recognized as among the finest artists the province has produced since our inception in 1931. In addition, the ASA is responsible for the TREX program in South-western Alberta, which provides art exhibitions to communities, schools and libraries throughout its designated region.


The Alberta Society of Artists was founded in 1931, making it the oldest society of juried professional artists in the province. The organization has a colorful history, entwined with the history of visual arts in Alberta. The organization can count many important historical figures among its members, including A.C. Leighton and H. G. Glyde (ASA’s first two presidents), Marion Nicoll, Maxwell Bates, Illingworth Kerr, Stan Perrott, and Janet Mitchell.

The ASA is a large part of Alberta’s visual arts history, through its members and its initiatives and projects, including many exhibitions shown locally, nationally and internationally. Highlights, our newsletter, which has been in existence since the 1930’s, our bi-monthly E-newsletter, scholarship programs, our history book (written for the 70th anniversary in 2000), speaker series, and many other projects all contribute to our educational initiatives as a non-profit, charitable organization.

The Alberta Society of Artists maintains most of the same programs as it has done historically, as well as some newer ones. Traveling exhibitions are organised by the Provincial committee where educational exhibits are showcased nationally. Annually, our three Branches run art workshops, speaker events and other educational programs open to ASA members and the public.

Additionally, we orchestrate and grant post-secondary arts students attending colleges/universities in Alberta with scholarships to support and encourage their studies.