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Closer to Home Community Services

Our Mission:
Empowering Families to Stay Together

Our Vision:
Closer to Home is committed to contributing to a future where every child will belong to a family and feel valued and secure. Through the use of evidence-based practices and innovative solutions, CTH will strive to preserve, reunify and build stronger families who can care for their children and contribute meaningfully in their community. CTH will provide a broad array of strength-based and family-centered services that teach, coach and support families to create new possibilities and achieve better futures together.

Practices that accept and promote individual cultures, traditions, spiritual beliefs and lifestyles.

Services that recognize the complexity of social issues related to the trauma experienced by Indigenous communities and promote Indigenous values, health, wellness, and cultural connections.

Individualized Approach
Interventions developed to preserve the family, in partnership with the child and family, are strength-based, inclusive, and solution focused.

Effective Services
Integrated quality assurance systems provide the necessary feedback to improve services and facilitate continuous quality improvement that results in better outcomes for children and families.

Outcome-Focused Programs
Meaningful outcomes are identified, measured, and achieved with integrity, excellence, and accountability.

Humane Practices
Interactions with children and families are respectful, dignifying and positive. Interventions are trauma-informed and focused on family preservation. Children are safe, their opinions are valued and their choices respected.

Client Satisfaction
Services solicit the opinion of all participants and stakeholders in a systematic manner, and are responsive to identified needs and concerns.

Collaborative and Inclusive
The Organization participates in partnerships that offer benefit to, and reduce duplication of services for children and families.

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