Affinity Mentorship Foundation (AMF)

PO Box 14058 Richmond Road PO Calgary AB T3E 7Y7

Affinity Mentorship Foundation (AMF) is a new organization that was formed to provide services to young persons involved in the justice system. The founders of AMF saw a need that was not being met - young persons were being released from custody after serving long sentences without any natural supports. There are some professional services provided, but often they are short term services and set unattainable goals for the youth. Also, many of the relationships formed while in custody can not be maintained once released. AMF will train volunteers who can meet the youth while they are incarcerated, and then continue to support the youth in the community. A mentorship coordinator will work with both the 'mentor' and the 'mentee' to provide extra support to help manage these relationships in order to strengthen them and allow for sustainability.