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Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families

Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families is a small grassroots charity that provides family-focused support, resources, programs and opportunities to Calgary area individuals and families affected by Cerebral Palsy and other similar neuromotor disabilities, throughout their life journey. Started as the Calgary Cerebral Palsy Association in 1951, by a group of parents looking for options for their children, we remain a family-focused agency supported primarily by parents of children living with Cerebral Palsy. CP can affect children in many different ways, often by limiting their speech, vision, cognitive function and motor skills. Our agency supports families living with the significant challenges of raising a special needs child.

CP Kids and Families comes alongside parents from the beginning of their journey, when they first learn that their child’s life is going to be very different. This type of family support is distinctive, in the Calgary area. We offer family social events and inclusive, recreational activities to help families cope. This year, we are extremely excited to be celebrating our 66th year of supporting and strengthening special needs families.
Our Adapted Bike Program is our flagship program which operates to ensure that special needs children know the simple joy of riding a bike. By supporting families with special needs children, overall outcomes are improved. Families are strengthened when they feel empowered. Our programs reach low-income families, Indigenous families, and individuals with significant social barriers. Through our Adapted Bike Program, we are able to reach out to those who may otherwise not connect with any agency (low income, ESL, Indigenous). Once connected with our agency, we are then able to follow up and offer further supports, resources, and opportunities to better fortify the families.
Other programs include Adapted Equipment and Recreational Funding, Social and Family Events, Annual Christmas Party, Adopt-a-Family, Equipment Loan Pool, Summer Camps, Baby Groups, Special Pups, Wheelchair Accessible Home Tour and other valuable resource-based activities.
We are currently providing direct service to over 650 families per year.