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Four: Thirteen Therapeutic Riding Association

4:13 Therapeutic Riding Association aims to relieve conditions associated with disability by providing therapeutic riding programs to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of individuals of all abilities and their families. Our organization provides individualized, accessible, and affordable programs for children of all abilities. To do so, we rely on the generous support of volunteers to assist our instructors during lessons and work with our horses before and after lessons. Each lesson is typically one hour in length with up to four riders. Volunteers help with grooming and tacking, leading horses in lessons, walking alongside students, and fundraising.

During lessons, a sidewalker’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the rider. The degree of assistance will depend on the balance and ability of the rider. Sidewalkers also assist the instructor by keeping the rider focused on tasks, explaining instructions, physically assisting the rider when necessary, encouraging, socializing, and correcting balance and body position as needed.

A leader's primary responsibility is to ensure that the horse is controlled at all times for the rider's safety. The degree of assistance will depend on the rider and horse. We encourage riders to engage independently to the best of their ability with the leader assisting when required. Volunteers are also able to help with grooming and tacking horses before lessons and untacking horses after lessons.

For more information, please email our volunteer coordinator or visit our website. Thank you for your interest!