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Greetings, help THE YCDP Canada meet its goals.

Please, join us in making a difference in Canada and in the world.


THE YCDP. Canada has been working to bring forth a solution in the fight against poverty, marginalization and inequality, mostly for underprivileged people. For one year now we are working to further the mission of our cause at a higher pace in order to meet new challenging goals.

Our project consists of two important parts: firstly the organization building and secondly the implementation of community projects. We are going through many common existing obstacles such as the lack of resources, many breaks in the work, the lack of experience, the lack of partners and supporters, etc.

We would like to put together a team to achieve our purpose. We need support to meet the challenging goals ahead and to take the next steps ahead in developing our nonprofit organization and our community programs.

Our values are:
Enthusiasm & Fidelity, Innovation & Work, Transparency & Evidence, Efficiency & well-being (health, happiness and prosperity) for all.

Phone Call Guidance:
Our Call centre is open on RSVP via email. Please, send us an email to reserve a call and get your pin to access the line.

With your help, THE YCDP Canada can reach its goals and contribute to the global purpose of

A warm thank you for taking the time to read and for being here for THE YCDP Canada.

Thank you and looking forward to working together.


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