The Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders

273 East 1st Avenue #110 Vancouver BC V5T 1A7

The Looking Glass Foundation strives to support individuals struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating. We offer innovative and accessible programs and services that decrease isolation, instill hope, and sustain recovery for individuals on their road to recovery. As a Foundation, we are aware of the harsh realities of eating disorders, the stigma that exists around these mental illnesses, and the work that still needs to be done in addressing treatment access and gaps. All of our work is grounded in hope, compassion, accessibility and accountability. Every day, we hear and share inspiring stories of our friends, loved ones, colleagues, and community members who have recovered and are thriving. Knowing this, we continue the fight against eating disorders, while sharing the message that recovery is possible. We understand the journey and we are here to help.

Our Vision: A province where everyone who suffers from an eating disorder receives the services they need to support their recovery, and where the stigma of this mental illness is replaced with compassion and understanding.

Our Mission: Looking Glass Foundation’s programs and services decrease isolation, instill hope, and sustain recovery for individuals across British Columbia who are impacted by eating disorders.

Current Volunteer Opportunities