International Psychedelics Awareness Foundation

102-1540 Mariner Walk Vancouver BC V6J 4X9

June 20th, 2022
On 6·20 we recognize a new age of informed perspectives on the beneficial properties of both modern psychedelic compounds and ancient plant medicines and practices.

6·20 honours the Indigenous wisdom and frontier science that have brought about the current “Psychedelic Renaissance,” a movement which has grown out of the serious, dedicated work of thousands of scientists, therapists, individuals, and organizations challenging the distortions created by prohibition and the War On Drugs. Using social and mainstream media, online discussions, in-person events—health advisories permitting—art projects and music, 6·20 showcases important insights and increases global awareness of the therapeutic and life-enhancing potential of psychedelics when used responsibly.

WPD 620 is a project of International Psychedelics Awareness Foundation, a non-profit organization welcoming collaborators and allies across all identities, spectrums, and geographies and upholding the values of sustainability, accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity.