Activities involved
Grant Writing
  • Work remotely
  • Flexible in schedule

✒️ Grant and Sponsorship Writer

1-3 hours
1-3 months based on project
🍒 Cherry on Tech is a volunteer-run organization whose mission is to support women, non-binary, and trans folks who are new to the tech world. We are dedicated to developing a community that empowers women, non-binary, and trans folks while promoting the power of being part of a tech squad.
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🧐  What we're looking for
As a Grant and Sponsorship Writer, you have the opportunity to play a vital role in securing funding and sponsorships for Cherry On Tech. you will focus on crafting compelling grant proposals and establishing partnerships with organizations and communities that share our mission. Your role is pivotal in securing the resources needed to drive our initiatives forward.
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- Write Grant Proposals: Develop persuasive and well-researched grant proposals to secure funding
- Seek Sponsorship Opportunities: Identify and pursue sponsorship opportunities that align with our mission and values
- Communicate Our Mission Effectively: Effectively communicate our mission and the impact of our initiatives to potential funders and sponsors

- Looking to gain hands-on experience in the nonprofit space as a grant and sponsorship writer
- Independent and persuasive, with the ability to articulate the organization's needs compellingly
- Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, to engage with potential partners effectively
- Passion for securing funding to support initiatives that empower underrepresented genders in tech
- Belief in Cherry On Tech's mission and values
- Ability to work asynchronously, ensuring flexibility in communication and proposal writing

🗓️Role Details
- Time commitment based on project, no longer than 3 months
- 1-3 hours per week
- Bi-weekly group check-in for ongoing support and collaboration
- Remote position
- Flexible volunteer schedule and hours
- Remote position
- This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity

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Why should you volunteer for this opportunity?
- Grant Writing Experience: Gain valuable experience in persuasive grant proposals.
- Financial Sustainability: Directly contribute to Cherry On Tech's financial stability.
- Community Connection: Join a passionate team with a common mission.
- Community Contribution: Shape our community's narrative.
- Recognition: Acknowledgment for your creative contributions.
-  Skill Development: Enhance organizational and collaboration skills in a supportive environment.
Activities involved
Grant Writing
  • Remote or online
  • Flexible in schedule