Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership

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The Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership (SNP) is an unincorporated partnership that began with a small group of Sask-based nonprofit professionals who decided to step in where the Saskatchewan Network of Nonprofit Organizations (SNNO) left off: to improve awareness of the impact of the sector in Saskatchewan, enhance its efforts and reduce its challenges.

The people around SNP’s strategic table are all about creating space for big ideas and innovative approaches to issues faced within the sector. And, always strive to ensure there is a provincial focus, which is inclusive and relevant to all nonprofit organizations regardless of size, scope and location. SNP is a vehicle to share knowledge within the sector – through interpretation and analysis of research, and by providing timely, meaningful data on perceptions and trends within the sector. Our goal is to be representative of the sector – a credible resource and a knowledge hub of opportunity and support for those working and volunteering in nonprofits.