Red Deer Public Library

4818-49th street Red Deer AB T4N 1T9

What we do:
- We provide FREE and equal access to information, knowledge, and culture, in the form of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, streaming services, and more!
- We help people find what they need by providing access to computers, WiFi, printing, and other technology.
- We support intellectual freedom by providing access to a diverse array of viewpoints and topics.
- We share our knowledge and expertise, helping you learn and grow every time you step through our doors.
- We ignite your passion for learning, your curiosity, and your sense of fun! We encourage you to discover new things, and delight in the world around you.
- We bring our community together! Whether it is offering in person or virtual events or simply inviting people to spend time together in our buildings, the library is at the heart of a connected and empowered community.

Provide a welcoming environment where everyone will discover, share, develop, and value our public library.

Enrich lives by promoting literacy and providing access to knowledge and culture.

- Learning & Literacy
- Access & Inclusion
- Community
- Relationships
- Arts & Culture
- Having fun!

Current Volunteer Opportunities