143 Combermere Dr North York ON M3A 2W9

Our non-profit organization, Kurius, was created in August of 2019 by a group of passionate young individuals who realized that our educational system lacked the infrastructure and resources for Canadian high school students to thrive in programming. Kurius’ mission is to promote technological education and offer free programming resources to all students in Canada and, eventually, all of North America. We want to provide youth with the means to discover the potential of computer science in all kinds of fields and industries when one adopts a creative and personal touch.

As a volunteer-led student-run nonprofit, we do not have the resources to replace the education system and nor do we plan to; we are simply a place for students who want to go beyond their school’s curriculum with projects that can have a positive impact on society.

We want to encourage students to pursue their personal projects and passion for programming by providing a continuous supply of events and workshops throughout the year with which these young innovators can constantly stimulate themselves intellectually. Through our events, we endeavour to enable the next generation of change-makers to make a positive impact in their community while utilizing technology to their advantage.

Current Volunteer Opportunities