ARES Education

7693 Garfield Ave. North Delta BC V4C 4E5

We provide digital education systems to impoverished rural schools in Kenya and East Africa that typically lack textbooks, internet access, reliable electricity, and have high teacher ratios and turnover rates. We have been delivering systems to schools for 8 years, and have over 75 schools in operation now. An ARES system includes a battery based server with over 375GB of high quality education content (tailored for Kenya), 20+ laptops, 2+ projectors, and a wireless mesh system to connect the users. We also provide solar systems as needed. Our primary partners are the large game conservancies as they have the contacts with the local rural populations. We have measured real impact and benefit from the ARES systems, and are now in the process of expanding our footprint to a larger region, while continuing to enhance and expand our support for existing schools. Our local staff is in the Vancouver/Bellingham region, and our Kenya staff is in Nairobi and selected towns around the country.

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