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Start2Finish’s mission is to break the cycle of child poverty by providing ongoing educational support to Canada’s at risk children throughout their school years, nurturing mind, body, and social health so they are empowered to succeed and become role models for change.

Each year, thousands of Canadian youth will drop out of high school. This seemingly simple and personal act alters the course of their lives forever. It’s a move that costs them their education and future earning potential. Taken collectively, it costs their community by ingraining a culture of failure. Nationally, it costs our economy through a reduced employment pool and tax base, and an enormous strain on public expenditures.

Tens of thousands of youth in Canada’s lower-income neighbourhoods have the potential to succeed in school but are unable to overcome the barriers to education that are created by poverty. Low literacy as early as grade 1 increases the risk of a child dropping out of school by 134%, Insufficient financial means, lack of positive role models in the community, absence of parental support, and integration into a new country and culture, are all barriers that can make high school graduation seem like an impossible dream.

The Pathway of Hope: Creating Cycles of Success

The Pathway of Hope is providing building blocks to help kids graduate and succeed. Everyday at Start2Finish, stakeholders, staff, donors and volunteers work hard to help kids create their cycle of success.

Step One: The Backpack Program
Step Two: The Running & Reading Club
Step Three: The Junior Coach Program
Step Four: The Scholarship Program
Step Five: Giving Back

Current Volunteer Opportunities