Ontario Steam and Antique Preservers Association

PO Box 133 Milton ON L9T 2Y3

Welcome to the Ontario Steam and Antique Preservers Association.

The Ontario Steam & Antique Preservers Association's aims are, to advance the knowledge, appreciation & interest of rural antiques and Canada's agricultural heritage. This is accomplished through the preservation, restoration and renovation of articles, vehicles, machinery & power equipment of antiquity. Of which are mostly privately owned by our Members. The Association, based in Milton, Ontario, Canada, Operates without the purpose of gain for its members. Any surpluses or other accretions provided to the Association are directly used in promoting these objects in accordance with our charter, issued on the twenty eighth day of August 1961.

Which are:

(a) TO advance knowledge and appreciation of and to stimulate interest in antiques;

(b) TO promote the preservation, perpetuation, restoration and renovation of articles, vehicles and machine and power equipment of antiquity and to buy, sell, hold and otherwise deal in the same;

(c) TO receive, acquire and hold gifts, donations, devises and bequests; and

(d) TO co-operate with other organizations, whether incorporated or not, which have objects similar in whole or in part to the objects of the Association.

The Association participates in a variety of community events to promote its objects. The Association hosts and presents the annual STEAM-ERA Show each Labour Day Weekend in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada.

Current Volunteer Opportunities