Know Your Lemons Foundation

PO Box 10 Lewisville BC A2B 3C4

A global nonprofit, changing the picture of breast cancer for early detection.
Our mission: help women find breast cancer as early as possibl
As an Associated Member of the United Nations Department of Global Communications, we will be a change-agent for this goal with breast cancer. We are aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3 to “Reduce Deaths from incommunicable diseases (like breast cancer) by one-third by 2030.”

We’ve transformed how the world views breast cancer and breast health by “changing the picture of breast cancer for good.”

We are inclusive, friendly, collaborative, knowledgeable, caring and quirky. We surprise and delight as we educate in a beautiful way that is memorable and leads to better lives.

Design is at the core of our organization. Not only in our appearance, but our approach in a thoughtful human-centered way. We use design in a way that communicates to women and men, regardless of their ethnicity, age, or literacy level. We cross cultural understandings and comfort levels by using visual metaphor and universal design to educate the public on symptoms, self-exams, screenings, and testing. We adjust to meet local conditions and access to medical services. Our practices and educational tools are evidenced-based.

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