February 14, 2022

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About the VolunteerConnector

VolunteerConnector & Volunteer Engagement


The VolunteerConnector is a digital platform that helps connect engaged community members to volunteer postings, faster. The platform was created to improve volunteers' overall experience, by connecting them to opportunities that are meaningful and match their skills and interest.

The VolunteerConnector has many exciting features that will make it easier for volunteers to find out what is happening in the voluntary sector in your community:

  • The ability to follow organizations that you are most interested in and stay informed when the organization posts new positions.
  • The ability to create and save a personal profile saving you from having to complete multiple application forms.
  • The ability to select the volunteer shifts that work best for you and keep a schedule of all your volunteer commitments.
  • The ability to track all your volunteer hours.
  • A one stop-shop for all the volunteer positions in your community and the surrounding area.
  • Ability to tailor your search results based on your personal skills and interests.

You can start using the VolunteerConnector and create your profile today - Volunteer Signup

Volunteer Organizations

The VolunteerConnector is a digital platform that will help you connect to more engaged volunteers and streamline the whole volunteer engagement process.

VolunteerConnector was created with three things in mind:

  • Help communities provide more volunteer engagement and recruitment support to organizations, as well as connect more community members to causes they care about.
  • Make Volunteer Manager’s workload easier. This platform has all the volunteer management tools built into it – recruitment, retention and screening – freeing up time for the volunteer manager to focus on people.
  • Provide us all with insight into what volunteer engagement looks like in our communities through live data.

The VolunteerConnector, has many exciting features that will make volunteer recruitment easier for you.

Regional Partners

The VolunteerConnector gives volunteer centres, municipalities, or community hubs free access to a platform that provides a central location for all your community’s volunteer needs.

Features on the VolunteerConnector for Regional Hosts:

  • Provide communities with a central location for all volunteer needs.
  • Access to the regional dashboard as well as, an organization dashboard.
  • Assign/control access in your region to gather data on just your community or surrounding communities depending on needs.
  • Keep track of traffic on the site in your region, providing insight on what volunteerism looks like in your community.
  • Availability of reports for any component/filters from the Connector.
  • Access to volunteer contact lists for urgent community needs.

Those who partner with us and use the VolunteerConnector in their communities include everyone listed as a Regional Partner. This list is updated regularly and we think it's pretty exciting to see so many across the country joining in this volunteer movement!

Are you interested in having the VolunteerConnector in your community? Contact us today!


February 14, 2022

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