12515 128 street Edmonton AB T5L 1C9

WILDNorth (formerly the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton) is committed to proper environmental stewardship and recognizes the important role we play in conserving Alberta’s native species through the services and programs we provide to the community.

WILDNorth is a charitable organization that provides compassionate care for injured, contaminated and orphaned wildlife and educates the public on the importance of wildlife in our community. WILDNorth has been serving the Edmonton and surrounding communities for over 25 years and is considered an essential service. We provide the best care and housing possible for a wide variety of native and migratory birds and native small mammals and are permitted through the Canadian Wildlife Service and Alberta Environment Sustainable Resources Development.


To deliver services to people of Northern Alberta with wildlife-related concerns by providing compassionate care to injured and orphaned wildlife and by educating our communities about humanely coexisting with wildlife.


To provide world-class care for wildlife in need and to become Alberta’s champion and resource for a respectful co-existence between people and wildlife.